Islamic Pillars App – Learn About the Five Pillars of Islam

Islamic Pillars is a free educational app created for Muslims to learn about the Five Pillars of Islam in detail. Shahdah, Salah, Fasting, Zakat and Hajj are the 5 fundamentals of Islam that are obligatory for every Muslim to follow. The Islamic Pillars app is specifically designed to shed light upon these 5 basics of Islam in great detail to help people know Islam in an interactive way. It is available for free download on Google Appstore and iTunes. You can download Islamic Pillars now to learn and teach your kids about these five pillars of Islam.

Islamic Pillars

Benefits of using Islamic Pillars App

Using this smartphone app helps in the following number of ways:

  1. Gaining knowledge about the fundamentals of Islamic faith in great detail.
  2. Having all information in depth at one place saves you spending time on a lot of searching and different resources.
  3. Helps in strengthening the faith with basic knowledge about Islam.
  4. The quiz section helps you in self assessment and lets you know about your strong and weak spots.
  5. Sharing of quiz result with friends creates a healthy competition to do better and know better about Islam which benefits you and friends equally.

Download Pillars of Islam mobile app

Features of Islamic Pillars

  1. Shahdah Knowledge: Shahdah is the first and most important part of faith for a Muslim. It ensures the belief of the Muslim in Allah and His Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islamic Pillars has a complete section providing information related to the things required to have complete faith in Allah and what things can take you out of circle of Islam.
  2. Salah: Salah is the second pillar of Islam. This section of Islamic Pillars has all the important details about Salah, number of Salah in a day, how to establish prayer and things that make a prayer void. These subdivisions in the Salah section provide a detailed knowledge related to Salah. In regard to Salaat, you can also check Step by Step Salaat app guide which further provides an in depth insight of do’s and don’ts of offering salat.
  3. Fasting: Fast section of Islamic Pillars will guide you about everything you need to know about Islamic Fasting. The rules of fasting, people who are exempted from fasting and actions that invalidate a fast are discussed in detail over here.
  4. Zakat: Zakat will take you to information about the fourth pillar of Islam explaining all the necessities for giving Charity. It’s a financial obligation on Muslims to share what they have been given by Allah with less fortunate brothers and sisters in Islam. The section will give you information about the eligibility for giving Zakat and the criteria for its calculation. In particular, you can also download the Zakat Calculator in your cell and accurately calculate your charity amount.
  5. Hajj: This section will share all the details of Hajj with you. Hajj is eligible for Muslims who can afford to make the holy pilgrimage. Under the Hajj section you can read about all the information that is required for carrying out this Islamic obligation. Also, there is a Complete Hajj Guide in form of mobile application which could prove to be a good companion during your Hajj.
  6. Quiz: Quiz tab take you to a series of questions related to the Pillars of Islam to test how much knowledge you gained after reading about the five pillars from Islamic Pillars app. The questions are times and you have to answer them within 20 seconds or the app will take you to next question. This makes a learning fun. You can share the results of your quiz on Facebook with your friends.

Significance of Islamic Pillars


The app is a must have for every Muslim as the 5 Islamic pillars are the basis of faith in Allah and without this knowledge Muslim’s Iman is incomplete.