Jumada Al-Awwal, It’s Importance in the Light of Events

Umar ibn al Khattab RA was the first who initiated the Islamic calendar. It was 638 A.D (anno domini). The name Hijrah was decided at that time with the consultation of all others at the time of Umar RA.

Jumada al-Awwal can also be written as Jumada al-Ula, Jumada 1. In the sequence of the month list, it comes at fifth with having 29 or 30 days in total. ‘Jamad’ stands for “Arid, dry or rainless” denoting dry months. The meaning may be “to take charge with, commend, commit or care during this month”

months history

Events occurred in the Month of Jumada

  • The Moota battle 
  • Marriage of Muhammad SAW with Hazrat Khadija.
  • Hazrat e Jafar’s RA Martyrdom
  • Hazrat Abdullah RA Martyrdom
  • Hazrat Abdul Muttalib’s death.
  • Birth of Zainab bint Ali RA, 5th Jamadi ul Awwal
  • Fatima RA Bint Muhammad SAW was died at age of 23 on 10th of Jamadi ul Awwal
  • Burriel of Fatima RA Bint Muhammad SAW was conducted by Hazrat e Ali RA on 13th of Jamad ul Awwal.
  • The birth date of Zain Al Abideen RA is on 15th of Jamad ul Awwal

A brief talk about all the Events

The Moota battle that took place in this month Hazrat Zaid RA was chosen for battle and Prophet SAW did not take part in it. Prophet SAW said: “if Zayd ibn e Haarithah is wounded, let Jafar ibn Abi Taalib succeed him. If Jafar is wounded, let Abdullah ibn Rawaahah, succeed him.”(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

It was a miraculous fight between 200000 Roman and Arab troops against the minimal army of 3000 Muslim soldiers. But Allah SWT gave victory to the Muslim army against the Romans.

The Marriage of Khadija RA

The marriage between Hazrat Khadija RA and prophet Muhammad SAW took place in the this month. Hazrat Khadija appointed one of her friends Nafisa to send the message of marriage to Hazrat Muhammad SAW. Prophet Muhammad SAW after the consultation with his uncles accepted the marriage proposal. At that time Muhammad SAW was 25 years old while Hazrat e Khadija was 40 years old. Both uncles of Muhammad SAW participated in the marriage.

Hazrat e Jaffar RA Martyrdom

Hazrat e Jaffar RA martyrdom took place in this month, as the Muslim army met Byzantines at Mu’tah. Hazrat e Zayd RA martyred first and then it was Hazrat e Jaffar RA who carried the charge. He went deep inside the enemies and fought bravely. There is a famous line spoken by Hazrat e Jaffar RA during the battle. He said: “how wonderful is paradise as it draws near! How pleasant and cool is its drink! Punishment for the Byzantines is not far away!” in this war both of the arms of Hazrat e Jaffar were cut off and finally, he died. 

Soldiers who came back from the battle they told about the heroic fight of Jafar RA.

One of them said: one said: we have seen 90 wounds in Ja’far’s RA body.

Another said: I have seen him when his right hand was cut off.

Another said: I have seen him when his left hand had been cut off. He had fallen over the ground and his wounds bled.

Prophet SAW said:  Jibreel has told me that Allah has granted Jaffar two wings to fly within the paradise.

Hazrat Abdullah RA was martyred in this month and Abdul Muttalib also died in the month of Jamad al Awwal.

Birth of Zainab RA

After Hazrat e Imam Hussain RA it was Zainab RA the third child who was born to Fatimah RA. Her honorable life Is well known to all and the miseries that she faced were enormous. She also faced the greatest disaster when she lost Imam Hussain RA in her life. Her tomb is in Egypt today and visited by many.

Death of Fatimah RA

Hazrat e Fatimah RA was died in the same month and was buried by Hazrat e Ali on 13th of Jamad al Awwal. She died due to illness. Sufi scholar Muzaffar Ozak writes on her death that,

“After our Master had honored the world of the Hereafter, Fatima would neither eat nor drink and she forgot all laughter and joy. She had an apartment built for her in which she stayed by night and day, weeping her heart out for her beloved father.”

Birth of Zain ul Abideen

Zain ul Abideen was also born in this month. He is also known as the son of the best two. He was respected among his companions. He was very pious. According to Abu hamza during the month of Ramzan, he used to be in prayers for the whole of nights. 

He was poisoned at the end. After his death it is said that people came to know it was Zain ul Abideen who used to distribute food in people at night by covering his face, so that he could not be recognized. What a tremendous life he had. May Allah be pleased with him.

The month of Jamad al Awwal has got great place and importance in the history of the Muslims as it relates them to the great incidents happened in this month. May Allah be pleased with all the personalities who were born and died in the month of Jamad al Awwal. Aameen!