Kids Dua Now – App with Islamic Duas for Muslim Children

Kids Dua Now is a Word By Word Islamic Duas application developed by to facilitate young Muslim children in learning important Islamic daily duas. This app has word by word recitation, translation and transliteration of daily duas for Muslims to use in everyday life. Kids Dua Now is available on iTunes and Google Playstore for download.

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Benefits of Kids Dua Now

Kids Dua Now teaches Muslim kids daily duas to recite while performing day to day task like dua before eating, dua after eating, dua before sleeping, dua after waking up, dua to enter washroom, dua for success, dua against enemy and many more. These Islamic supplications are short and remind children of Allah before doing something which strengthens Iman. There are several benefit of Kids Dua Now, like:

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  1. Makes self-learning of Duas in Islam possible, without external guidance.
  2. Word by Word duas help children to learn, recite and memorize duas with correct pronunciation.
  3. Images for every dua further helps kids in correct usage of duas.
  4. Time is not a problem. Learn these duas in Islam at any time, wherever you are on your smartphone.
  5. These Duas for Kids will help your child in gaining Islamic knowledge.
  6. Kids will learn Islamic Duas for daily use with their meanings creating a better understanding of religion.


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Features of Kids Dua Now

The main features of Kids Dua Now are:

  1. Kids Dua Now provides a unique feature of word by word Duas for Muslims.
  2. Division of Duas in 3 age groups based on level of difficulty:
    Group #1 (Age 1-3)
    Group #2 (Age 4-6)
    Group #3 (Age 6-9)
  3. Word by word tab shows the dua in Arabic by highlighting every single word in dua and showing it separately with recitation, translation and transliteration.
  4. Full Dua tab of Kids Dua Now shows the complete dua with translation in English and Transliteration of Dua.
  5. Pictorial representation of duas to describe the usage of specific dua.
  6. App is supported by in-app purchases for some duas.

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Kids Dua Now is a complete smartphone app for Muslim Kids with word by word feature to help young and new Muslims in learning the everyday duas of Islam. Kids will enjoy learning in an interactive environment and enhance their abilities. Teach duas to your kids with Kids Dua Now and let them enjoy the sweetness of faith.

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