Mann-O-Salwa the Food of Jannah for Bani Israel

Mann-o-Salwa is a type of food that was gifted to Bani Israel (people of Prophet Musa A.S). When Prophet Musa (AS) was living with six hundred thousand people of Bani Israel in the field of Teeh at that time Prophet Musa (AS) asked Allah Almighty for the meal to fulfill the hunger of people who were with Him. Allah Almighty descended the two heavenly feasts for them from the sky on request of Prophet Musa (AS). One was “Mann” and the other was “Salwa”. Allah Almighty mentioned in Holy Quran: “O Children of Israel, We delivered you from your enemy, and We made an appointment with you at the right side of the mount, and We sent down to you manna and quails.” (Quran, 20:80)

We all know that Mann-o-Salwa is the food of Jannah which was sent down by Allah Almighty for the people of Bani Israel. Have anyone ever wondered how this food look and taste like? Today we are going to describe this heavenly food or the food of Jannah. Allah Almighty commanded Prophet Musa (AS) not to store this food for the next day eats it on daily basis.

Mann was a kind of sweet; it was like dew drops that can be found on trees, plants, and rocks. After that, it is used into sweet honey which they picked up and savor them with. Mann used to descend on as snow descends it is sweeter than honey and whiter than snow.

Salwa was a kind of Bird, a quail, People used to catch it and turn it into the roasted meat. It was such a blessing to eat the roasted meat of Quail which was indeed a blessing for Bani Israel after Prophet Musa (AS) prayed to Allah Almighty.

Only Allah Almighty knows the best what actually Mann –o-Salwa looks alike and taste we cannot imagine the sweetness that is more than honey and whiteness more than milk. Allah Almighty blessed the people of Bani Israel with this food without demanding anything or hard work from them. Greed is human nature, people of Bani Israel disobeyed Allah’s and Prophet Musa (AS) command not to store or preserve the food. Due to this disobedience, the food they stored rotted and the blessings of Mann and Salwa stopped.

On disobedience of Bani Israel, the Holy Prophet (SAW) said:  “had the Bani Israel not existed, neither food would get spoiled nor would meat have rotten”. The decay of food and meat rotting started since then. Otherwise, prior to that event, neither food would spoil nor would meat rot. May Almighty Allah guide us to fulfill His commands and follow the right path! Ameen