Some Great and Useful Tips for a Productive Hajj

Hajj is the 5thpillar of Islam. Every year around two million Muslims from all over the world arrived in the city of Makah for performing Hajj. Hajj is an obligation that should be performed in a meaningful manner. Pilgrims must know about things that can make their Hajj productive. To avoid all the difficulties during the journey of Hajj we have listed below a few things we all should know in order to make it a productive Hajj.

Useful Tips for a Productive Hajj

The journey of Hajj should be a spiritual experience that makes a Pilgrim knowledgeable than before.  It’s not only you just perform Hajj but it counts all your actions and behavior during the journey of Hajj. The following tips every pilgrim must know and prepare for Hajj journey and make it productive.

  • First of all, before you travel keep photocopies of all your legal documents and also make extra copies of your passports and photos. You never know when you will need them.
  • Keep with you both national currency and Saudi Riyals.
  • Make sure that your agent checks in for all the bookings, hotels, foods, agreements beforehand.
  • Educate yourself and gained proper knowledge about each and every aspect of Hajj.
  • One should re-learn the basics of Islam. Those going for Hajj should make sure that they are performing Wudhu perfectly and offering Salah in a meaningful manner.
  • Must be familiarized with Hajj plan don’t depend on Imam that he will guide you in every little dua or prayer.
  • Don’t involve in incorrect practices related to shirk.
  • Learn common Arabic vocabulary and phrases needed during Hajj so that it eases communication.
  • In order to make you comfortable during the journey of Hajj wear durable and easy to carry shoes or sandals.
  • Keep a spare Ihram with you while in Mina in case it gets dirty.
  • Keep your essential things in your bag and stay light.
  • Have some basic medicines with you.
  • Women must have a pair of scissors so that it is easy to cut their hair at the end of Hajj.
  • Get a mini Quran with yourself with pocket size Hajj guidebook.
  • Keep phones with you which have longer battery life. You may not find a place to charge your smartphone in Arafat and Muzdalifah.
  • Learn relevant Duas to be recited when doing Hajj.
  • Pray or make dua for all you know and even for those whom you don’t know. Make dua for the oppressed, including Muslims in Syria, Palestine, and Burma.
  • Stay focused during the whole journey of Hajj. Keep cell phone just for an emergency use and focus solely on your purpose of being there.
  • Make Talbiyah throughout the journey of Hajj and keep in mind that you are here for Almighty Allah.
  • Don’t waste your time in idle talk make most of the time in remembrance of Allah Almighty.
  • Always use Miswak to clean your teeth before each prayer. Using Miswak is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  • Let go of all anger, hate, and disappointment of those who have wronged you. Be able to forgive, forget and love even your enemies. Make sure to give them a second chance by forgiving them.
  • During the journey keep your diet balanced. Though, don’t stuff yourself with too much food or drink when you plan to walk a lot.
  • Leave your ego, selfishness, and expectations at your home and fill your bag with the bundle of patience with you in the journey of Hajj.
  • Clean your body and soul as Allah Almighty give you a chance from millions of Muslims so use your time in right way and make most of Duas and ask Allah for forgiveness as much as you can.

The tips mentioned above are yet simple but may have a powerful effect on the productiveness of Hajj.  May Almighty Allah accept the spiritual journey of those who are performing Hajj this year by giving them more rewards! Ameen

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