Suhoor and Iftar Timings for Ramadan 2016-New York (NYC) USA

Ramadan the month of atonement has started with all its blessings to shower upon the believing Muslims regardless of the continent and region. Muslims around the globe yearn to wait for this feverish month to grasp the innumerable bounties of Allah to beseech the Mighty Lord’s mercy and forgiveness. This divine month of Ramadan has started on 6th of June of this year and most of the Muslims all around the world must be wondering regarding Ramadan timings.

Quran Academy like its previous customs has stick to its services of providing accurate Suhoor and iftar timings to the Muslims living in New York, Los Angles, Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia. To be able to stay updated the people of aforementioned countries can get benefit from the table given below.

Suhoor and iftar timings

Disclaimer: The timings provided are for the people of New York, Los Angles, Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia. The Muslims of other countries are advised to fast as per their local timings. 

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