Tajweed Quran App – Learn Tajweed Rules of Quran Recitation

Tajweed Quran is a QuranLearning Application developed by The QuranReading.com to help Muslims recite Quran using correct pronunciation. Quran Reading  gives online Quran classes to Muslims around the world, and to further their mission of spreading Quran education, they have created this free application to cater for the needs of Muslims who can’t afford to take Quran lessons. Tajweed Quran is a great tool for learning to recite Quran with Tajweed for beginners. It is available for free download on Google Playstore.

TajweedAl Quran

Benefits of Tajweed Quran:

Few of the benefits of Tajweed Quran are:

  1. All Tajweed rules are compiled in one place saving time and resources of users.
  2. Examples of Tajweed using audio are given where required.
  3. Adhering to the command of Allah about reciting Quran with Tarteel.
  4. Developing understanding of Quran.
  5. An extremely useful self-help resource for learning Tajweed without Quran tutor.

Features of Tajweed Quran:

Tajweed Quran is an easy to use application having functionally compatible user interface. Besides, other features of this learning based application are ascribed as under:

  1. Contents: A list of all the contents included in the app is given on the home screen.
  2. Introduction: A brief introduction to Tajweed ul Quran is given to let the user familiarize with tajweed.
  3. Mukhraj ul Huroof: This section shares detail about how to recite and pronounce each alphabet of Arabic correctly.
  4. Stopping Sign: This list has all signs used to indicate stopping or pausing of an Ayah in detail with rules.
  5. Components of Tajweed: In this section usage of Throat Letters, Bold Letters, Silent Letters, Qalqalah Letters, Leen Letters, Harkat (Movement), Tanween, Sukoon, Shaddah and Madd is given in detail with examples.

Tajweed Learning Application for Muslim Kids

Rules of Tajweed: This section has different rules of Mushaf Tajweedwhich is subdivided into more sections which are:

  1. Rules of Nun Sakin: Izhar, Idgham, Iqlaab, Ikhfa
  2. Meem Sakin: Idghame Shafwi, Ikhfa e Shafwi, Izhar e Shafwi
  3. Letter Raa: Tafkheem (rough/thick) and Tarqeeq (soft/thin)
  4. Letter Laam: Tafkheem and Tarqeeq
  5. Rules of Hamza: Hamza tul Wasl and Hamza tul Qat’a

Quran Recitation with Tarteel and Tajweed

Audio: The examples given in Tajweed Quran have audio as well to benefit the user in learning quickly.


Tajweed Quran is an Interactive Islamic Learning based application for Muslims who want to learn to recite Quran with proper recitation techniques. This application will give you a detailed analysis of Tajweed rules and regulations and improve your basic Tajweed which can be further polished by taking Quran Recitation Lessons with Tutor. Download this app now to beautify your recitation of Quran!