Free Zakat Calculator App – Know How to Calculate Total Zakat

The Zakat Calculator is one among the many free smartphone Islamic apps for Muslim community around the globe to calculate Zakat on their possessions and yearly earnings. It’s a unique app featuring a very easy, but accurately defined method to calculate the amount of Zakaat (Charity) on your annual earnings. All one has to do is to simply put the values of your earnings and personal belongings into the required fields and the app will calculate the amount of Zakaat on them. Download The Zakat Calculator on your smartphone for free now from Google Playstore and iTunes. and know how easier it has become to calculate the Zakaat.

Zakat Calculator

Benefits of The Zakat Calculator

The Zakat Calculator lets you compute your yearly charity and fulfill the Islamic obligation of paying Zakat in a single step. You are required to put the values of your possessions in terms of US dollars (other currency’s also available) in the given field and the calculator will generate the final amount of payable Zakat based on the value of Gold and Silver in the given year.

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  • The Zakat Calculator will help you in payment of Zakat which is an obligation that every Muslim with Nisab i.e. sustainable income is required to fulfill.
  • This app provides a hassle free way to calculate charity on your own without having to go through arduous calculation procedures.
  • The Zakat Calculator saves your time by giving all the Zakat requirements in one place.
  • The value of Nisab can be set as default which is in USD or manually set the value to any currency of the world thus giving a wide range of possible options for Zakat calculation.
  • Using The Zakat Calculator will make you give out Zakat in time which in return will benefit the economy of society.
  • The Zakat Calculator provides you the ease to purify your Halal money.

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Features of The Zakat Calculator

Zakat Table – The fundamental feature of this app is the Zakat Table clearly mentioning the things accountable for charity. Simply putting the amount of each item in the defined section, and hitting the calculate button will bring the final payable amount. Following are the main items included in the Zakat Table:

  • Gold amount
  • Silver amount
  • Cash on Hand
  • Checking Account
  • Savings Account
  • Business accounts
  • Stocks and Mutual Funds
  • Merchandise Inventory
  • Retirement Plans
  • Real Estate
  • Accounts Receivable and
  • Other funds, which may be applicable.
  • Submit the value against each field and calculate the Zakat payable by you.

Nisab Setting – Using this feature will enable you to set Nisab value for Zakat as default in USD or manually input Nisab amount in the currency which is applicable in your country.

FAQs –  A comprehensive FAQ section is included in the app which answers each question that may arise in your mind about Zakat and how amount payable is calculated.

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Download The Zakat Calculator on your smartphones now and find out your eligibility for paying Zakat and the amount payable. The Zakat Calculator is available for free download on iTunes and Google Playstore.