Islamic Belief about the Holy Books

Purpose of the Divine Books

The books which are authored by Allah SWT for the betterment of humanity were revealed the holiest of mankind, the Prophets. 

We accept that for the direction of man, God sent down a few books, among which we may name: the book was given to Noah AS, the book given to Moses, the Gospel given to Jesus Christ, and the Holy Quran gave to Muhammad SAW. These are four in total sent at different times.

Were these books not sent, individuals would have been not been driven towards the right path, they were falling far off from the common way of devotion, morals, and straightway of truth. The books have come down upon the wonders of the hearts, 

“The Messenger (Muhammad) has confidence in that which is uncovered to him from his Lord, thus do men of confidence. They all have faith in Allah, His heavenly attendants, His books, and in the entirety of His Messengers. They state: “We see no difference amongst any of the prophets.” They likewise state: “We hear the prophets and we comply with our Lord!” “We ask Your absolution that to you end all the street.” (Holy Quran, 2:285) 

Unfortunately through long slip by of time, a large number of the sacred writings have been messed with, and changed somewhat, by the impedance of some oblivious and unapproved individuals, bringing about the substitution of some and some added corrupt thoughts in them. Among these a special case is the Glorious Holy Quran, which has stayed unaltered and is actually similar as it was when uncovered first time by the Almighty; and it has consistently been sparkling like the splendid sun, all through the ages and the countries, landing the hearts. 

Sacred Quran, Is the Greatest of the Miracles Of The Prophet

We accept the Holy Quran is the best and the most significant one, among the numerous marvels of the Prophet of Islam; not just for its persuasiveness, familiarity, striking quality, and expressiveness, and wide elements of the book, about which valuable depictions have been given by the specialists in their books. We accept that nobody can ever bring a book like the Holy Quran, even not a part similar to it! 

“State: If the entire of humankind and Jinns assemble to make out a book like this Holy Qur’an, they couldn’t do it regardless of whether they back up one another with assistance and backing.” (Holy Quran, 17:88) 

“On the off chance that you are in uncertainty of what we have uncovered to our worker (Muhammad), at that point produce just a single section tantamount to this book; and call your observers or partners to support you if there are any next to Allah to help you; if what you state be valid. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you neglect to do as such, and surely you will come up short, at that point dread the Fire whose fuel is man and stones arranged for the unbelievers.” (Holy Quran, 2:23) 

We accept that age won’t make the Holy Quran old and out of design, but instead its supernatural focuses and perspectives will show up increasingly more obvious, and its significance will turn out to be progressively clear to the world. 

Sacred Quran isn’t Altered In any way 

We accept that this book, the Holy Quran which is currently on account of the Muslims, is the specific and unaltered duplicate of that which was uncovered to our prophet Muhammad nothing less and that’s it. A gathering of dependable recorders picked by the prophet himself observed the disclosures from the earliest starting point up to the end, to peruse and present the sections by day and night. The individuals who had the book in their memory and the individuals who could present it for the others had consistently had an extremely conscious situation among the devotees. 

Furthermore, Almighty Allah, Himself has guaranteed and ensured to take care of His book and keep it protected and secure until the end: 

“We have without question, sent down the Quran, and We will certainly monitor it.” (Holy Quran, 15:9) 

All the scholarly and specialists in Islam, regardless of whether Shia or Sunni, is one at this point that even the smallest modification has not been made to this Holy Book. Some proficient people, talk about some uncommon and cloud custom (hadith) that may imply that a few changes have occurred, yet the most noteworthy lion’s share of the individuals who have the information on Islam, dismiss that, taking it as the misstep of some uninformed reporters. 

Quranic view about other Scriptures

“We sent Jesus, son of Mary, in their footsteps, to confirm the Torah that had been sent before him: We gave him the Gospel with guidance, light, and confirmation of the Torah already revealed– a guide and lesson for those who take heed of God. … We sent to you [Muhammad] the Scripture with the truth, confirming the Scriptures that came before it, and with final authority over them.” (Quran, 5:46, 48)

Being Muslims it is our strong belief that all the four books sent by Allah SWT to show humanity the right path, and being Muslims we respect every scripture sent at different times in spite of the fact that some holy books later altered by humans at different times.

But all the holy books got some common messages, like, Allah is one and there is no god but Allah. All the scriptures say that death is inevitable and one day or the other everyone on this earth has to die and then all the human beings will be brought together on the day of judgment. And all will be accountable by Allah SWT. 

We pray for all being Muslims that may Allah help us all to follow true ways shown to humanity by Allah through the books and with the help of holy prophets sent towards mankind. Aameen.