Slaves of the Monetary Fund

Allama Iqbal says: “In splendor, in seduction and in grace, the buildings of the banks outsoar the houses of God; In appearance it is trading, in reality, gambling; The gain of one is sudden death to millions, Science, Philosophy, College, Constitution, Preach man’s equality and suck man’s blood, Want and unemployment, lewdness and intoxication, Who says the gifts of Occident are few?”.

Colonial rule over the Muslim countries helped them establish a stronghold over the Muslims by making them slaves forever. In the past they were in the practice of selling them out as slaves and in the present they are in the practice of making them slaves by monetary methods and strategies. They are the Slaves of the World Bank and the slaves of IMF. They are being monitored and controlled by the so-called funding organizations. Source loans they give restrict the Muslims to use the money where it is not even required.

The denominating affects the 3rd world and the Muslims countries disturb the social system Muslims countries. Every person is under the debt of these controlling authorities one way or another. Then they name it foreign aid. Surprisingly most of the people are not aware of the bad effects of these policies on the economic conditions of a country. Every child born in a country under debt gets debt in inheritance. All the rest of his life is spent as a slave bought by the world back. Muslims in the present time is like a machine that is controlled by the world powers and the funding organizations.

Eric de Mare states: “Under the prevailing monetary system none of us lives in a true (economic) democracy. We live under an oligarchy that is all powerful, permanent, responsible to no one and directly or indirectly dominated and restricts every individual and every government in the world … … …”

Rasool Allah said (S.A.W): “Allah has cursed the one who takes an interest, the one who pays it, the one who writes the contract and the one who witnesses the contract”.

Muslims have lost their ways because of there being negligent to the facts and orders of Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran. Quran has all rules and regulations that Muslims should follow. Therefore Muslims need to follow the Holy Quran to break the slavery they are in. now it is time that Muslims break the chains and strike back rather than being slaves forever.