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8 Types of People who can accept Zakat

Zakat is an Arabic word means “purification”. Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and compulsory on every financially stable Muslim that is wealthy enough to afford to it. In religion, Islam charity holds so much importance that it is an obligation on Muslims in the form of Zakat. All eligible individuals are required to pay an

Major Sins in Islam

In Islam, a sin is defined as “any act a person chooses to take that is against the commands of Allah”. When a person commits sin even once, it is like a black dot is placed on his heart. Allah Almighty mentioned in the Holy Quran: “No! Rather, the stain has covered their hearts of that

Some Ways to Take Control of Sins

Making mistakes or committing sins is a part of human nature. Being a Muslim it is our duty to stay away from committing sins in the light of Islam. Surely, man is weak but it is Allah (SWT) Who created us and He knows that we are weak. So out of His Mercy, The Most

Reasons to Avoid Sins in Islam

Sin can be something that can erase all good deeds a man did in his entire life in just a glance. Every one of us should be aware of this. Being a Muslim we must have knowledge of good and bad deeds. There is a very thin line to shift from good to bad things

The Social System of Islam

Islam is the religion that promotes peace, love, and respect among Muslims and also with the people of other religions. The society in which Muslims live is known as an Islamic society. Islamic society is the one whose members have “Iman” (faith) in Islam, apply its laws in their life and performing religious duties and

Prayer in Islam with Daily Prayer Times

Muslims worship Allah Almighty in the form of prayer or offering Salah five times a day. Allah alone is the creator of this universe it is obligatory on us (Muslims) to worship Him. Pray five times a day is the part of Islamic faith for Muslims. In Muslim countries call to prayer or Adhan from