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Customize Your Dua for Ramadan – Seek What and When to Ask

A year has passed since the last Ramadan we have spent and it was a year full of blessings, worship, joys, and regret. Now yet again we have stepped into a new year in which we can mend what we forgot to do in previous Ramadan and what we did not accomplish because of either

Productive Ramadan towards Better Humanity

Ramadan is a blessed month and for many of us Ramadan starts with a bang and for some they have no idea how the month came to an end. This Islamic month is full of bounties and immense pleasure for those divine Muslims who want to seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. To utilize this month

Five Best Tips to Eat Right & Stay Right this Ramadan

Ramadan the month of bounties and blessings has started and has already knocked our doors. Families have stocked all the essential items for the month of Ramadan so that they can utilize their productive time to seek Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. In this Ramadan most of us are experiencing what we have not in previous

Suhoor and Iftar Timings for Ramadan 2016-New York (NYC) USA

Ramadan the month of atonement has started with all its blessings to shower upon the believing Muslims regardless of the continent and region. Muslims around the globe yearn to wait for this feverish month to grasp the innumerable bounties of Allah to beseech the Mighty Lord’s mercy and forgiveness. This divine month of Ramadan has

Signs Indicating That You Truly Love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Love is intense in its feelings and can only be proved by actions. At times, it leads us to total maverick feelings and on the other hand dumps us in abyss. The one who love and the one who is being loved can never grasp the intimacy and loyalty encapsulated in this feeling. Love has

Starve Your Ego, Feed your Soul!

Ego and soul are two of the attributes that comprise the distinction in a particular person. Ego tells us that “we” matter whereas soul provides us the reason to live and strive for happiness. We humans are dependent entirely upon our souls because feeding it with the right contents nurture it and in return allows