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Why Should You dont despair the mercy of Allah?

Allah is the merciful and no one should dont despair the mercy of Allah. Messenger Muhammad (SAW) delivered message of his majesty to convey his mercy to all. Allah has clearly told in some bold verses of Quran that after the evil deeds, if one makes repentance he forgives him and that is only by

Rights of Parents in Islam According to Quran & Sunnah

To be obedient to parents and to show kindness to them has been enjoined along with the Oneness and Worship of Allah Almighty, in the Holy Quran, in such a manner that it appears that among human deeds, to obey parents and treat them with respect and kindness is next only to Worship Almighty Allah.

Shirk in Islam According to Quran & Hadith- Types of Shirk

Shirk is an Arabic word which means “associating someone with Allah Almighty” or you can say “partnership”. It is the opposite of oneness of Allah (SWT) that is Tawhid. The Quran calls people to accept the oneness of Allah Almighty and firmly prohibits people from associating partners with His personality or attributes. In the Holy Quran,

Benefits of Salah (Prayers) in Islam- According to the Quran & Hadith

Namaz (Salat) is one of the 5 most important pillars of Islam, that needs to perform five times a day. Salah is an Arabic word that means “worship”, a major act of worship that is obligatory on every Muslim. Salah or prayer is a practical sign of obedience to the commands of Allah Almighty, the

The Concept of Halal & Haram in Islam According to Quran & Hadith

Halal is the Quranic terms used in the Holy Quran which means permitted, allowed, legal, or lawful. Haram is its opposite means forbidden, unlawful, illegal, or unlawful. In religion Islam, there are things declared as Halal and there are things which are forbidden and declared as Haram. We as a Muslim should try to follow

Importance of Promises in Islam-Quran and Sunnah related to Promises

On defining Promise: “A declaration that one will do or refrain from doing something specified” In our today’s time, what is going on around us all? We are faced with too many social issues. The bond of relationships is becoming weaker and weaker with the passage of time. So why is that so? The answer

Qualities of True Believer According to the Quran and Hadith

Muslim is a person who embraces Islam by saying Kalima Tayyaba and with a devoted belief that Allah is One, there’s no God except Him and Prophet Mohammed (SAW) is His last Messenger. The believer is the one who has knowledge of faith that invades deeply into his mind, heart, and soul.  Being a Muslim

Rights of Neighbors in Islam | Neighborhood According to Quran and Sunnah

All human beings are descended from Adam and Eve so all are brothers and sisters. No one is superior to others except “Taqwa “piety.  All of us depend on each other in this world to make a society. Being a Muslim we should maintain good relations with our relatives, but should not unjustly favor them over

How Muslims Celebrate Eid-ul-Adha

The meaning of the word Eid is ‘Happiness’ ‘Joy’ ‘festival’ and Adha means ‘Sacrifice’. So the word Eid ul Adha means the “Festival of Sacrifice”. Eid is a worldwide festival and celebration for muslims. In Islam, muslims celebrate two types of Eid named as Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha. Eid ul Fitr is celebrated

Some Ways to Enter Jannah

Being a Muslim, it is our belief that we have to die one day and our final destination is the life of the hereafter. In the hereafter, we go to Jannah (Paradise) or Jahannam (Hell-fire) depends upon the deeds that we did in worldly life.  We all want to get Jannah for that we have