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10 Tips to Bring Barakah in Your Life And Wealth

The general meaning of the word Barakah is “increase or productivity” in something. It could be in terms of betterment or easiness in someone`s living matters, or could also be taken in the context of enhancement in prosperity. This boost is not something one time rise in something, rather it could be achieving supplementary with

Making Quran Learning Effective for Kids

  HOW TO MAKE QURAN LEARNING EFFECTIVE (Tutor, Child and Parent- Building a Troika) The Holy Book of Quran has a great status in lives of us Muslims, as it was revealed upon our beloved Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and it consists of countless teachings of Islam, which are a great source of enlightenment to

Manners To Follow When Visiting Mosques

Although the foundation of the first mosque started when Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) laid the foundation of Masjid Al-Haraam, but the history of first mosque in the lives of Muslims goes back to days when the Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) set out on emigration from Makkah to Madina. While He was on His way, people said

Miracles of The Holy Quran (Scientific Perspective)

The word “miracle” literally means “any happening that is beyond imagination, and is generally associated with supernatural happenings and Godly matters”, e.g. mysterious nature Bermuda Triangle, and its working which is still unknown in this technological age. Alternatively, it could also be associated with a sudden happening that is beneficial or astonishing to masses, like

Some Major Events From the Prophet`s (PBUH) Life (After Revelation)

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was born in highly respected family named Bani Hashim, belonging to the tribe of Quraish, in Makkah, in 571 A.D. His father, Hazrat Abdullah (R.A) had died a few months before He was born, and His mother, Bibi Aamina (R.A) also died when He was only 6. Then, he was brought up

40 Duas from The Holy Quran That Start With “Rabbana”

Dua is the simplest mean to establish connection with Allah and imploring to Him to gain blessings. There are about 40 Duas in Quran that start with the Word “Rabbana”. This post by Quran Reading is the compilation of all forty duas from Holy Quran, that start with the Word “Rabbana”, in form of attractive