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Some Facts & Traditions about the Holy Month of Ramadan

The Holy Month of Ramadan is much more than a fasting period: it is a holy month rooted in culture, faith and history. Across the globe, Muslims mark this time with spiritual celebrations that are particular to their region and passed on through generations. Ramadan fast is one of the most important beliefs of Islam

Significance of Fasting in the Month of Rajab

Rajab is one of the four sacred months of the Islamic calendar. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Rajab is the month of Allah, Shaban is my month, and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah.” The merit of the month of Rajab is like the merit of the rest of the other sacred months. Allah Almighty says in the

Rabi ul Awwal Important Dates, Events and Significance

Rabi ul Awwal 2020 has started and Muslims all over the world are looking to be enthusiastic to celebrate this holy month. It is the third month of the Islamic year and comes after the month of Safar. The name of Rabi ul Awwal originates from the meaning ” first month of Spring”. This denotes

Reforms under 2nd Caliph of Islam Hazrat Umar (RA)

Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA) was one of the most prominent Sahabi and power caliphs of Islam. He (RA) was a mighty figure before the advent of Islam in the Arab region. As a follower of the Holy Prophet (SAW), He (RA) played an influential role in the propagation of Islam. However, his services as 2nd

6 Major Beliefs Of Muslims

In today’s blog post “6 Major Beliefs Of Muslims” we will discuss the very basics of the Muslims’ belief briefly. Allah is one, all-powerful, Allah has no offspring, no gender, no race, and nobody. He is all in all. Muslims believe in the existence of the angels who are unseen and bring orders of Allah

11 Ways to Help the Poor and Needy People

There are people in this world who live a luxurious life enjoying the joy of fundamentals. These people have what they want and desire to live a comfortable life. On the other hand, there are people who do not have enough clothes to wear, food to eat, education, healthcare, shelter to live and other basic

Significance and Importance of Eid Milad-un-Nabi

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last messenger of Allah Almighty. The religion Islam has completed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Holy Quran is the last sacred book revealed on Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The last messenger of Allah Muhammad (SAW) is the man of trustworthy, honesty, and mercy among all human beings.  Holy Prophet (SAW) was born

The Excellence of Reciting Durood Sharif | Benefits According to Hadiths

Holy Prophet (SAW) is the last Prophet of Allah Almighty. Allah (SWT) sent many Prophets for the guidance of humanity. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is the last Prophet of Allah sent for the guidance of whole humankind in this world. No Prophet will send by Allah after Holy Prophet (SAW) till the Day of Judgment. Allah

Productive Ramadan towards Better Humanity

Ramadan is a blessed month and for many of us Ramadan starts with a bang and for some they have no idea how the month came to an end. This Islamic month is full of bounties and immense pleasure for those divine Muslims who want to seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. To utilize this month

Creating Ideal Islamic Environment at Home

Mother is the first learning institution for a child to raise the kid into the best of a person. Environment at home is the prime factor, which reshapes the child and helps in molding of kids into better Muslim. It is the sheer responsibility of parents to inculcate Islamic teachings and morals in their kids