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Masnoon Acts for the Month of Dhul Hijjah

Dhul Hijjah is the 12th month of the Islamic calendar. This holy month has importance because of Pilgrimage. According to our cherished Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the primary 10 days of Dhul Hijjah are a unique time for devotion. For folks that aren’t capable of the tour for the pilgrimage, that is a unique time to

Facts About Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Muslims Should Spread

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in Saudi Arabia in the city of Makkah about 1400 years ago. Since then, the world has not seen the likes of Him in every regard and the study of human history shows that there have been none better than Him before Him as well. If there is any personality

Importance & Benefits of Taqwa in Islam

Taqwa also means doing that which Allah has enjoined and avoiding that which He has forbidden. The linguistic meaning of Taqwa is “a shield, or protective barrier”. Taqwa is to protect oneself from what angers Allah. Taqwa is defined as fearing Allah when a person fears from Almighty Allah then he/she will not commit sins.

Importance of Faith & Belief in Islam

Every religion has some fundamentals that lay down the framework of that particular religion. The followers then ensure that the fundamentals are maintained and observed on regular bases to ensure that the religion stays true to its original form and that the people have a single path to follow. Faith in Islam is the belief

Marriage in Islam according to the Quran & Sunnah

Allah Almighty created men and women as company for one another, and so that they can become parents and live-in peace and calmness according to the commandments of Allah Almighty. Allah says in Holy Quran: “And among His signs is this that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility

Significance of the Month of Shawwal

Do you fall back to the same routine after Ramadan and trying to uphold the activities that you have once shunt in Ramadan? Do not forgot what you have in hands and what you have achieved in the last month of Ramadan. To continue this habit even after Ramadan, Allah has blessed the Muslims with

Significance of Third Ashra of Ramadan with Daily Supplications

Ramadan is the 9th and one of the most blessed months of Islamic Calendar. The blessed month of Ramadan is observed by Muslims worldwide as an act of fasting to commemorate the revelation of the Quran on Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as per Islamic dogmas. The ritual of fasting among Muslims redirects the heart away from

Importance of Second Ashra of Ramadan with Daily Duas

The month of blessings Ramadan is divided into three stages (Ashras). Every Ashra of Ramadan has its particular significance associated with it. The second Ashra of Ramadan refers to the middle 10 days (11-20) of Ramadan. It is the time of forgiveness in which Muslims must seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. With seeking forgiveness Muslims

Significance of Ramadan & Fasting from Quran & Sunnah

Ramadan is the month of countless blessings in which fasting is obligatory on every Muslim. Ramadan is the month that closes us to Allah (SWT) and reveals unto us His clear commandments because this is the month in which Allah revealed the Quran on His last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The month of Ramadan holds

Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

Allah Almighty has made fasting obligatory for Muslims in the month of Ramadan. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and having sexual activity during fasting. Ramadan is the month of blessings. It is one of the favorite times of year of Allah SWT. The devil is locked