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Importance of Tawakkul & Belief in Dua

Tawakkul means ‘trust and reliance’. Tawakkul is an Islamic word which means Reliance on Allah “trusting in Allah’s Plan”. Tawakkul refers to putting your trust in Allah – to believe that He alone can ward off the harms of this world, provide you blessings and sustenance, and to ease your challenges. Tawakkul in Dua refers to what

Quranic Verses of Healing | Ayat e Ash-Shifa

Quran is not just a religious book but guidance for all mankind. Allah Almighty made it a spiritual cure and healing for all types of diseases. Holy Quran is the book in which you can find a solution to every problem. Being a true believer, one must have complete faith in Allah Almighty that He

Basic Teachings of the Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is the Divine Book and the proof that the Holy Prophet (SAW) is the main source of Islamic laws and education. The Holy Quran consists of the words of the Almighty Allah and the knowledge descended to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) from the source of Glory. The Noble Quran is the 4th

Ways to Keep Muslim Youth More Rewarding & Productive

Youth is the blooming age in the life of every person. It is a time when health, vitality, spirit, and passion all are at their optimal and a person feels that he/she can do everything and whatever they undertake in life they could achieve it. This adrenaline flow and feeling of strength is the best

Quranic Verses that Prove Islam is a Religion of Peace

Islam is a religion of peace, according to the Holy Book Quran, Islam teaches love and compassion for every human being, no matter their religion. The word “Islam” is derived from the word meaning “peace” in Arabic, it seems quite unnatural that a religion that names itself peace can teach or preach something that is

Reasons Why you need to Learn the Arabic Language

The Holy Book Quran is the source of knowledge and faith for all Muslims. The Holy Quran is one of the most influential religious texts of all time because it is not for just Muslims but for all mankind. The Noble Quran marks subjects like wisdom, worship, doctrine, and many more. The Holy Quran includes