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Things that I wish Everyone Knew about Ramadan

Ramadan looks to most people as a month that is exhausting and unbelievably torturous. We can see sometimes some Muslims complain all day and can’t wait until the sun finally sets. In fasting, Muslims abstain from eating and drinking not even a drop of water from dawn to dusk. In addition to not eating or

The Door is about to Close-A Farewell to the Month of Ramadan

Allah Almighty blessed us with the holy month of Ramadan and bestowed His favor upon us. We thank Allah (SWT) for the blessing of Ramadan and for all that He has facilitated us to do in this blessed month and we ask Him to give us the best ending to the month as this holy month

Ways to Stay Healthy After Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan provides us the opportunity to eliminate unhealthy eating patterns and gives our overburdened digestive systems a much-needed break. During this sacred month, the rituals of fasting, night prayer and reading the Holy Quran on a daily basis can have a life-changing effect on our health and satisfaction. Fasting during Ramadan

Tips for How to Sustain Good Habits of Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadan is about to end and Muslims all around the world must be preparing to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. During the month of Ramadan Muslims kept themselves away from food and drinks from dawn to dusk, successfully prayed five times a day in Mosque, completed the recitation of Quran, stood up in Taraweeh

Making Most of the Third Ashra of Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadan is about to leave but its blessings will remain throughout the year if we make it best by offering maximum worship of Allah Almighty. Last ten days of this Holy Month of Ramadan have been left which we have to utilize by maximizing our prayers. As we know just 10

Making Dua and Ways of Increasing Acceptance of Duas during Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a blessed time of the year for Muslims. It is the month in which Muslims indulge in excessive worship and praise Allah Almighty. Besides keeping fast, the other objective of this month is to gain as many blessings and reward from Allah Almighty as possible. One of the acts of