LilMuslim: A Game To Speed Up Muslim Kids Learning Curve

There was a time when kids upbringing was a priority but today the priority chart has diverted towards stuffing kid’s mind with useless equipments that can be a source of fascination but lacks moral character building. Observe a kid and you will find around gadgets, talk to kid and you will only hear the stories

Differnt Types of Hadith And Their Meanings

The sole purpose behind sending Prophets by Allah SWT among different nations over the course of history of existence on planet earth has always been to educate them about His teachings and bring them towards morality and Monotheism. For this, the Almighty Lord also revealed His Instructions in the form of Divine Manuscripts proving as

The Concept Of Begging In Islam

The Religion of Islam puts great emphasis on making effort and earning one`s own living rather than going out ask others for it for no reason. It also devises a well balanced Muslim society for all where everyone gets its due share. Those who are rich are directed to help out others in need through

Learn Arabic App – A Guide to Learn Basics of Arabic Language

“Learn Arabic” is a Smartphone application developed by (a committed e-learning academy helping Muslims all over the world learn the actual teachings of the Holy Quran) with a view to make non Arabs gain knowledge of Arabic language effectively. It assists in getting acquaintance with the correct pronunciation of the basic phrases used in

Avoidance Of Taking Sins Lightly In Islam

The religion of Islam is a complete code of life which devises guidelines for its followers in every walk of life. Allah SWT sent His Last Heavenly Book, the Holy Quran on His Final Messenger, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ which contains useful instructions for Muslims. it clearly informs them about forbiddance of wrongdoings and sins like

How To Strategize Ramadan Schedule

The sacred & most precious month of Ramadan is approaching fast and one must be both physically and mentally prepared for it from this very moment. Some of us mislead ourselves by having silly idea that when Ramadan arrives, we will abruptly modify our timetables and start venerating Allah SWT day and night which is