Surah Fatiha & More Surahs

Kids to Learn Word by Word and Full Ayah Translation
This Islamic Beginners App consists of Surah Fatiha and other 9 short Surahs from Quran which teaches muslims how to learn Quran effectively. These Chapters of the Sacred Book can be read Word by Word along with Audio Recitation, Translation, and Transliteration, which makes understanding of Quran Kareem easier for the toddler.

Some of the most exceptional characteristics of this mobile phone app are:
• Easy to understand User Interface makes learning process effortless.
• Both Word by Word and Full Surah Reading options are available along with Audio Recital.
• Scrolling of words both forward and backward for thorough comprehension of pronunciation of each Quranic Term involved in narration.
• AutoPlay choice can be set “On” for constant Recitation or “Off” for Manual Recital.
• Translation selection helps in better recognizing the meaning of the Verses in English.
• Transliteration alternative assists in knowing about correct way of articulating the Ayaats of these Surahs.
• Font Size could be adjusted as per one`s own liking.
• 3 unique Font Styles are also on hand.
• 3 distinguishing Font Colors are available.
• 3 exclusive light tinted Background Colors are also obtainable.
• Save and Reset options are given to keep or alter the already made Changes to Settings.
• Different Sharing Platforms are also accessible for letting others know about this highly useful app.

Download this free and easy to use Smartphone application of Surah Fatiha and Other Surahs in order to better instruct and memorize short Chapters of the Holy Quran.


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